MVMC invites volunteers to help us in the following areas:

Office and administrative assistance:  Volunteers may assist with data entry, fundraising efforts, or serve as a fill-in receptionist in MVMC's office. 

Maintenance and groundskeeping: Projects may include office deep cleaning, building maintenance or improvement projects, landscaping, etc. 

Youth Programs: Volunteers may serve as Amiguitos Club mentors or provide support for MVMC's youth programming by preparing food or activities. 

Event Support: Volunteers are a key part of our signature events: Dancing with the Moab Stars or Day of the Dead. Help us celebrate Multiculturalism with the whole community!

Client Services: Assigned on a case-by-case basis and could include anything 

Misc: Do you have a special interest or skill that you're excited to share? Reach out and let us know!


Want to get involved?

- Call us at (435) 259-5444 OR leave your contact information below. 

- One of our staff will reach out to you to discuss your interests and availability, and we'll match you with MVMC's volunteer opportunities. 

- All volunteers will receive a brief orientation with MVMC staff and should read our Volunteer Policy 

- Volunteers working directly with youth under 18 years old will receive further screening. 

Let's Get In Touch!