Language & Life Skills Support

Educational offerings and life skills support services are offered for free or very low cost for any person or organization who expresses the need or desire.

There is a need for increased autonomy, educational opportunities, and economic stability within our community. Life skills services can prevent a situation from becoming a crisis, especially when trained advocates are readily available to assist and empower clients. Language acquisition increases self-sufficiency, confidence, independence, and community connection.

Language instruction is taught by teachers or volunteers in both formal and informal instructional settings. Life skills support services are provided by MVMC staff by appointment or walk-in.

Examples include: 

  • Spanish as a second language
  • Applications & Registration forms (housing, medical, education, employment, public benefits, etc.
  • Banking and insurance navigation
  • Taxes and financial assistance navigation
  • Basic technology navigation
  • Navigation of community/statewide resources

By providing a targeted language and life skills program, MVMC hopes recipients will gain better communication skills and knowledge of community resources, helping them to avoid crisis and have greater mobility and independence.