Cultural Education & Outreach

The Moab Valley Multicultural Center provides cultural outreach and education opportunities for Moab's residents and visitors of all ages.

Cultural education and outreach is a forum for exciting cultural opportunities that the whole community can be a part of!  Education dissipates fear and misunderstanding while increasing appreciation, respect, and acceptance of other cultures. 

MVMC delivers information through cultural events, presentations, field trips, online resources, afterschool clubs, and guest speakers or performances. We often use music, food or the arts as a way to share culture as a common experience. These events include:

  • Multicultural Mural
  • Dancing with the MOAB Stars, held each September
  • The Day of the Dead Festival or Festival del Día de Muertos held on the Sunday closest to November 1 or 2

Through ongoing cultural education and outreach activities, MVMC aims to encourage the celebration of diversity in a safe and respectful manner that is inclusive and fun.