Cultural Education & Outreach

The Moab Valley Multicultural Center provides cultural outreach and education opportunities for Moab's residents and visitors of all ages.

Cultural education and outreach is a forum for exciting cultural opportunities that the whole community can be a part of! Education dissipates fear and misunderstanding while increasing appreciation, respect, and understanding of other cultures.

It is MVMC's hope that recipients of cultural education and outreach services will have opportunities to celebrate Moab's diverse community culture in an inclusive, respectful, and engaging manner and that the Moab community will embrace its cultural vibrancy!

MVMC provides many ways to share culture as a common experience.

Examples include:

  • Cultural Events                                                              
  • Presentations and trainings
  • Guest speakers & performances
  • Art, FOOD, & music
  • Dance, literature, & film
  • Social Media
  • Cultural brokering
  • The Multicultural Mural
  • Boothing at local events
  • Participation on committees relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion