Immigration Legal Services

Beginning on January 1, 2019, the Moab Valley Multicultural Center (MVMC) began offering limited Immigration Legal Services with the assistance and guidance of a licensed Immigration attorney. Factors that influenced MVMC’s decision to formalize these services included: 1) Large-scale Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests & corresponding family outcry for legal services, 2) Increasing immigrant population in Grand County, 3) Documented increase in requests for legal services for immigrants, 4) Stricter and complex changes in recent Immigration Law, and 5) Scarcity of immigration legal services in Moab and Southeastern Utah. 

Prior to 2019, MVMC had responded to requests for immigration legal services by providing support services and referrals to immigration attorneys in other parts of Utah, usually on the Wasatch Front.  Most of MVMC’s clients live in Grand, San Juan, and Emery counties which are all rural counties in southeastern Utah. MVMC estimates that nearly 2,000 immigrants live in southeastern Utah and this population is growing. With the addition of a contracted immigration attorney in 2019, the response time and level of services available to clients with immigration legal needs have increased dramatically. Advocates work also to assist clients with ancillary social services such as mental health referrals, accessing medical attention, and language services. The MVMC is a safe and welcoming bilingual Community Center that can help navigate immigration concerns large and small. flags