Our Impact

MVMC’s goals are as follows:

  • Provide a safe, welcoming, and culturally sensitive center where individuals and families can find concrete support in their time of need.
  • Through concentrated and intentional partnerships, we aim to demonstrate the importance of teamwork and collaboration.
  • Facilitate cultural awareness and appreciation resulting in a safe and culturally vibrant community.

If MVMC could achieve these goals, what would the impact be?


No one in our community will feel hopeless. They will know where to go in times of crisis. Unnecessary suffering will be avoided because no one will doubt that they will be able to receive help with serious medical, financial, legal, and family crises.


No one in our community will feel alone. By examples set by the Moab Valley Multicultural Center, they will see how much can be accomplished by working together, trusting others, and being willing to learn new ways. By establishing a culture of collaboration, NGO’s government, businesses, individuals and families will work together to solve community issues both large and small.


Everyone in our community will feel valued. Community members of all ages will seek opportunities to learn about and celebrate their own as well as their neighbors’ cultural traditions. Everyone will feel safe and demonstrate compassion for newcomers or strangers.

In 2020, MVMC


  • 3,041.75 Direct Service Hours
  • 1,169 hours of Crisis Resource & Advocacy
  • 296.25 hours of Youth Education & Outreach
  • 1.078.5 hours of Interpretation & Translation
  • 342.5 hours of Language & Life Skills Services
  • 86.75 hours of Cultural Education & Outreach
  • 16,481 meals via our Food Pantry and Youth Programming 


  • 12,689 people

MVMC's 2021 Service Report