Our Programs

Advocate. Collaborate. Celebrate.

We build bridges across language and culture through our programming in Moab, Utah.

Our Impact

In 2017 we directly provided...

  • 680
    hours of Crisis Resource & Advocacy
  • 487
    hours of Youth Education & Outreach
  • 1,212
    hours of Interpretation & Translation
  • 446
    hours of Language & Life Skills
  • 249
    hours of Cultural Education & Outreach
  • 3,076
    Direct Service Hours
  • 10K+
    people served
  • 3,293
    hours donated by by 208 AWESOME volunteers!

Support Our Work

The Mural Project



The Multicultural Mural was created by 10 local artists and countless community volunteers. We invite you to learn about the featured change leaders and hope you will be inspired by their peaceful advocacy and activism.

Visit the Mural

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Thanks to Our Partners

MVMC Major Partners
Active partners with more than 20 separate partner activities in 1 calendar year.

  • 7th District Court in Grand County
  • BEACON Afterschool Program
  • Early Intervention of Southeastern Utah
  • Grand County School District
  • Grand County Justice Court
  • Grand County Public Library
  • Headstart
  • Moab Free Health Clinic
  • Moab Police Department
  • Moab Regional Hospital
  • Seekhaven Family Crisis & Resource Center
  • Southeastern Utah Health Department
  • St. Francis Episcopal Church
  • The Synergy Company
  • Utah Courts Self-Help Center/OCAP

MVMC Major Donors
A person or organization that gives the equivalent of $5,000 or more in financial or non-financial donations in a fiscal year.

  • Campbell Family Foundation
  • Dominion Energy
  • George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
  • Janet Q. Lawson Foundation
  • My Good Fund
  • Moab Lodging (Colin Fryer)
  • Mariner S. Eccles Foundation
  • Sorenson Legacy Foundation