Youth Education & Outreach

The MVMC provides youth programming in a variety of ways. We lead afterschool cultural enrichment clubs, serve as advisors for the Grand County High School Amigos Club, facilitate the Amigos to Amiguitos mentoring program, provide a fun and educational summer camp, and coordinate individual tutoring. Below, you can learn more about each of these programs.

Amigos Club

Grand County High School Amigos Club is a weekly group led by Leticia Bentley that meets during lunch at the high school. Amigos Club members provide encouragement for each other as well as discuss goals and plans for their futures. Some activities that the Amigos plan are college visits and trips to Salt Lake City to learn about minority affairs in education. The Amigos also designed a community service project, Amigos to Amiguitos, a teen-to-youth mentoring program launched in 2013. Amigos Club provides a fun and safe environment for kids to excel and feel supported.

The Amigos to Amiguitos Program

The Amigos to Amiguitos mentoring program has been an extremely successful program. This school year, we have over 25 elementary level kids attending the club consistently and about 25 high school students and young community members acting as their mentors. This club is a mutually beneficial club that allows elementary students to receive individual attention and homework help and also gives high school students the opportunity to mentor a younger child and gain leadership skills.


The MVMC partners with BEACON Afterschool Program to help provide enriching afterschool programming that offers kids a safe, fun environment to be until 5pm. In the fall, we offer Day of the Dead Club and will offer Spanish Clubs during the second and third trimesters.

Multicultural Mondays Summer Camp

This summer was our 5th year of Multicultural Mondays Summer Camp. In this camp, kids (entering grades 1-6) get to “travel” around the world, studying and exploring a different country each week. This summer, we will “visit” South Africa, Guatemala, Chile, Ukraine, Vietnam, Ecuador, Estonia, Uzbekistan, and Nigeria. Each Monday, from 9am-3pm, camp leaders guide the day’s activities, games and crafts related to that day’s country of focus. Lunch is provided. Also, each afternoon there is an optional Spanish class or free reading at the Moab Public Library. For more information, please contact the MVMC at (435)259-5444.


Individual Tutoring

We currently have 2 pairs meeting at the Multicultural Center to work together on homework and other academic skills.

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